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Musical rarities
and reminiscences
from a half-century in jazz

This is a three part series featuring an in-depth portrait mixed with rare, live performances. 

It features 24 previously unissued live recordings from McDonald’s personal trove, lovingly restored to pristine sound quality.

The series is an intimate portrait of an artist who feels the music deeply, illuminated by previously unissued musical treasures.

Visiting Stan McDonald

Gabriel broadcast award-winner, 2011

Part 1: Featuring McDonald’s early years

McDonald recalls his role in forming the New Black Eagle Jazz Band, reflects about his early years in jazz and provides personal insight on how the Traditional Jazz ensemble functions.  Included are rare recordings of Boston’s Historic Jazz Band (1958), The New Black Eagle Jazz Band (1980s), and live sessions from Stan’s own Blue Horizon Jazz Band.

Visting Stan McDonald Pt. 1A.mp3
Just One of Those Things  --  Stan Mcdonald with Rhythm, 1984
I’ve Found A New Baby  --  New Black Eagle Jazz Band, 1980
Coal Black Shine  --  New Black Eagle Jazz Band,1979
Sister Kate [excerpt]   --  Historic Jazz Band, 1958
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me  --  Historic Jazz Band, 1958
Oh! Baby [excerpt]  --  Jam Session at Gid Loring’s Party, 1966
Runnin’ wild  --  Jam Session at Gid Loring’s Party, 1966
I Ain’t gonna Give Nobody None of my Jelly Roll  --  Stan McDonald & Doc Cheatham with New Black Eagle Jazz Band, 1980
Wild Man Blues  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1986

Visiting Stan McDonald Pt. 1B.mp3
Nuages  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1986
Indian Summer [excerpt]  --  Stan McDonald with Rhythm, 1984
On the Sunny Side of the Street  --  New Black Eagle Jazz Band, 1980

Part 2: The genius of Sidney Bechet
An incomparable soprano saxophonist in the Bechet manner, Stan plays tunes from the Bechet repertoire interpreting the Master in music from his own CDs and archival tapes.

Visiting Stan McDonald Pt. 2A.mp3
'Lastic  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1986
Pattes de Mouche  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1990
Le Marchand de Poissons  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1998
I Remember When  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1997
Wild Cat Blues  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1986

Visiting Stan McDonald Pt. 2B.mp3
Mon Homme  --  Solo feature w/ Cheatham, 1980
Sweetie Dear  --  New Black Eagle Jazz Band, 1980
Egyptian Fantasy   --  New Black Eagle Jazz Band, 1979
Blues in the Air  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1997
Dear Old Southland  --  Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1985

Part 3: Stan joins the Masters (web exclusive: expanded to 77:00)
As he reminisces about his encounters with the greats, we hear McDonald in noteworthy live performances.  These are live concerts from 1980-96 with:
     * trumpet player Doc Cheatham,
     * clarinetist Kenny Davern,
     * stride, ragtime and blues pianists Ralph Sutton, Terry Waldo, Sammy Price and Art Hodes.

Visiting Stan McDonald Pt. 3A.mp3
Swing That Music  --  Stan McDonald-Terry Waldo Quartet, 1994
What is This Thing Called Love  --  McDonald-Waldo Quartet, 1994
Hindustan  --  Kenny Davern with Stan McDonald, 1996
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)  --  Kenny Davern with Stan McDonald & Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1996
Some of These Days  --  Kenny Davern with Stan McDonald & Blue Horizon Jazz Band, 1996
Old Fashioned Love  --  Blue Horizon JB with guest pianist Ralph Sutton, 1995
See See Rider [excerpt]  --  Art Hodes withStan McDonald & Rhythm, 1983
Mandy, Make Up Your Mind  --  Art Hodes with Stan McDonald, 1983
I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll  --  Art Hodes with Stan McDonald & Rhythm, 1983
Down in Honky Tonk Town [excerpt]  --  New Black Eagle Jazz Band, 1974

Visiting Stan McDonald Pt. 3B.mp3
Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone  --  Stan McDonald & Doc Cheatham with New Black Eagle Jazz Band, 1980
Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now  --  Stan McDonald & Doc Cheatham, 1980
St. Louis Blues [excerpt]  --  Stan McDonald & Sammy Price, 1984
Lover Come Back  --  Stan McDonald & Sammy Price, 1984
Back Home Again in Indiana  --  Stan McDonald & Sammy Price, 1984
More about Sammy Price, here.

A remarkable talent in his own right, Stan McDonald is a follower of the great Sidney Bechet and is unparralleled among today’s reed players for emulating that great master’s very personal, unique repertorie and sound on soprano sax & clarinet.
To most fans of Traditional Jazz Mcdonald will be best remembered as one of the founders of the outstanding New Black Eagle Jazz Band of Boston, MA, with his collegues:  trombonist, Stan Vincent and outstanding pianist Bob Pillsbury.

Stan is a remarkable talent, deeply committed to the music.  It was a pleasure and privilege to speak with him, and honored to be granted access his personal music library spanning some 50 years of jazz performance.

More about Stan McDonald, including in-depth biographical articles, here.


Visit Stan's Blue Horizon Jazz Band online, here
Stan McDonald biography and article
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