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Celebrating James P. Johnson
Father of Harlem Stride piano & overlooked African-American composer

Johnson was a major force in creating Stride piano and a composer of  American popular standards. 

He collaborated with the cream of African-American writers, composers and overachievers of the Harlem Renaissance and early jazz.

James P. conceived a broader palette for jazz, composing orchestral music far ahead of his time.

Special guests, actor and jazz fan PETER COYOTE, and Mark Borowsky of the James P. Johnson Foundation help to bring this musical genius to life.

Gabriel Broadcast award-winner, 2004

Pt. 1 - Celebrating James P. Johnson

Guest narrator, Peter Coyote

LIZA  --  James P. Johnson, piano, 1945
    CHARLESTON  --  Dick Hyman and Jazz Band, 1976
    LIZA  --  James P. Johnson, piano, 1945  CD SF-40812
    HUNGRY BLUES  --   James P. Johnson Orch., Anna Robinson, vocal
    DRUMS:  SYMPHONIC POEM  --  Concordia Orchestra, 1994
    JUNGLE DRUMS  --  James P. Johnson, piano, 1945  CD SF-40812 
CAROLINA SHOUT  --   James P. Johnson, piano roll, 1921
CHARLESTON  --  James P. Johnson, piano roll, 1925
WOMAN BLUES  --  James P. Johnson, piano, 1945
THE DREAM  --  James P. Johnson, piano, 1945
OLD FASHIONED LOVE  --  James P Johnson Quartet 1939
SNOWY MORNING BLUES  --  Dick Hyman w/Ruby Braff, 1976
DAINTYNESS RAG  --  James P. Johnson, piano, 1945

A PORTERS LOVE SONG TO A CHAMBER MAID  --  Fats Waller & his Rhythm, 1934
KEEP MOVIN’  --  James P. Johnson, piano, 1945
ECCENTRICITY  --  James P. Johnson, 1921
VICTORY STRIDE  --  Concordia Orchestra, 1994
VICTORY STRIDE  --  James P. Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen, 1944
YAMEKRAW  --  Marcus Roberts, piano;  Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, 1996
JUST BEFORE DAYBREAK  --  Dick Hyman w/Ruby Braff, 1976

Pt. 2 - Celebrating James P. Johnson

Guest commentator, Mark Borowsky

YOU'VE GOT TO BE MODERNISTIC  --   solo  Jan 30,1930
CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH NO SHEIK  --  vocal by Rosa Henderson, 1931
THE GATHERING  --  Queens home of Fats Waller c. 1937
LIZA  --  Queens home of Fats Waller c. 1937
I'VE FOUND A NEW BABY  --  Fats Waller
STOP IT JOE  --  Rosetta Crawford vocal w/ James P. Johnson's Hep Cats
WHO  --  Frankie Newton and His Orchestra, 1939
SUNDAY  --  Don Ewell, piano

HUNGRY BLUES  --  James P. Johnson and his Orchestra, 1939
OLD FASHIONED LOVE (excerpt)  --  Carnegie Hall, 1939
CAROLINA SHOUT  --  Spirituals to Swing, Carnegie Hall, 1938
IF DREAMS COME TRUE  --  James P. Johnson, 1939
A FLAT DREAM  --  James P. Johnson, 1939

Pt. 3 - Celebrating James P. Johnson

Guest commentator Mark Borowsky

KEEP OFF THE GRASS  --  Dick Hyman solo piano, 1973
KEEP OFF THE GRASS  --  James P. Johnson, solo, 1921
CAROLINA SHOUT  --  James P. Johnson, solo, 1921
BACKWATER BLUES  --  Bessie Smith, 1927
LOCK AND KEY  --  Bessie Smith, 1927
MY HANDY MAN  --   Ethel Waters & James P. Johnson, 1928
GUESS WHO’S IN TOWN  --   Ethel Waters & James P. Johnson, 1928
OH, MR. MITCHELL  --   Clara Smith acc. James P. Johnson, 1929
WHERE IS MY MAN?  --   Clara Smith acc. James P. Johnson, 1929
FRISCO RIDER  --  Don Ewell, 1957

CAPRICE RAG  --  James P. Johnson solo, 1943
GUT STOMP  --  James P. Johnson solo, 1941
BLUE NOTE BOOGIE  --  Edmond Hall’s Blue Note Jazzmen, 1943
WHEN I GROW TOO OLD TO DREAM  --  Yank Lawson Jazz Band, 1943
I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW  --  Rod Cless Quartet, 1944
JUST YOU JUST ME  --  Eddie Condon and his Orchestra, 1946

For 6 hours of programming about James P. Johnson - click here.



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